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About 8MOTE

Hello my customer, this is @rictiiii ! 😎 Founder and owner of 8MOTE.

I created this brand because obviously I need to make more money. Besides that, I feel like when I go out, I often get asked about how I got my sense of style, and where to get certain items I'm wearing. I'm not bragging, it's a fact. And if you know me personally, you'll know I have a deep love for jewelries. I like having them on my body, they make me feel like I possess some sort of success. It's a good feeling to have. 

8MOTE is a combination of an infinity sign, and the word "Emote". It means what I'm selling could last forever, and forever in fashion. They are all what I personally tested and love wearing. I want to share my style, and the
feel-good sensation. I hope you'll like them like I do! 

Love 💙,


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